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handcrafted - A labor of love

Chez Dennis Inc. is a New York based company, born out of the desire to create beautiful sophisticated pieces of jewelry that offer the wearer a well crafted and uniquely distinctive piece.

Excellence in all that we do is our aim. Throughout every stage from conception to creation, we strive to ensure perfection.  

Much thought is put into every aspect of our designs to ensure that we create comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing pieces. Our designs are then skillfully handcrafted in our studio in New York.

We are environmentally responsible, all of our designs are crafted from recycled precious and semi precious metals. We actively seek out suppliers who source conflict free and ethically mined gemstones.

Meet the Designer

Sandra Dennis, metalsmith artisan.


My journey began with a childhood fascination for transferring interesting textures from the surfaces of old coins and other objects onto the bright, shiny surfaces of gold, silver and other colored foil papers. Using this repoussé-textured paper I would then create my own beautiful, unique rings and bangles.  As an adult, my interest in jewelry making was rekindled when I helped my then young daughters with their craft projects. Realizing my passion for jewelry making, I took an intensive silversmith course, which solidified my desire to create elegant, unique jewelry pieces. A series of courses on traditional goldsmithing technique in high carat gold quickly followed the silversmithing ones.


As an artisan, I hand craft most elements of my jewelry. The textures and lines from certain time periods throughout history, along with the natural beauty of this planet influences the aesthetics of my jewelry. My designs often reflect the myriad colors, textures and shapes of nature.